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Hurricane Sandy
Renters Who Live Crazy


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Hurricane Sandy

Here we go again. Another storm has approached the State of Maryland. This is the 4th storm we had since January 2010. 
  • Major snow storm in Jan/Feb 2010
  • Hurricane windstorm in Aug 2011
  • Hurricane windstorm in July 2012
People please remember the the 2 major S words (Smart & Safe).

Most people tend to know this already but for the know-it-alls, this is not a storm to take lightly. Some survior reminders are:
  1. Dont be cold. If you dont have access to a generator back-up, please make sure you have blankets, blankets, blankets!

Renters Who Live Crazy

Who in the heck would move themselves down into a basement with children when they had 3 bedrooms upstairs (they subleased the upstairs). Then call city inspectors and say they need air flow in the basement!!!